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What if you had a SILLY idea for a picture book?



Don’t laugh, I did too!

I get silly ideas all the time and I am old, my brain tries hard to remember the magical things I wanted to write about when I was young.  It does not matter, young or as old as a fossil, if you want to write a picture book the time to start is NOW.

Just think about this. 


No one else has your brain waves.

IMAGINATION is child’s play.

All it takes is one very cool idea.

It can happen that easy. My idea Grew and Grew and GREW until one day POP! I had to write it down. Then I thought. 

“Hey this might be a good idea for a picture book.” Here is how it started.

I met a calf on the dairy farm called Twinkle, she was beautiful and different.

My children and I started playing a game of what if? You can do this too. What if Twinkle was called Sugar, because Sugar loved to eat all kinds of sugar.  From there Sugar ended up at the fair lost and sad until she met a kitten who was also lost and sad. Together they set out on a journey to win a prize at the fair and met some very colourful characters along the way. I can’t tell you how Sugar ends up covered in fairy floss or if she wins a prize. You shall have to read my book when I finish it.

One silly idea can become a book.

Some tips on starting

There is a secret..... if you practice drawing every day you can get better and better. I did and I am still practicing every day. It is the same with writing the more we write and draw our work will improve. So practice daily.

Follow a step-by-step guide like the program or book from Childwrites, I have and will use it every time I start a new picture book.

Lastly REMEMBER it is hard work but loads of FUN. 

Writing, reading and drawing are three of my favourite things, wish me luck with Sugar Goes to the Fair and I hope you start your story TODAY.

Kath Unsworth lives down the far south coast and is writing picture books. Check out her website


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