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Enjoy the slow moments…

We all get so excited about opportunities as they come our way, and then we spend our waking hours dashing from one event or meeting to another, barely slowing down to be in the moment!   ..

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I Want to Write a Book

Just because it is on your bucket list, should you do it?’
Well, the short answer is ‘yes’. The long answer is ‘absolutely yes, I can’t believe I let my life get so complicated as to not have time to do this earlier!’  ..

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How to create a writer...

My childhood memories of being curled in a corner, in a feather-cushioned chair with another book knowing I could try to start and finish on the same day, resonates with me still.  I would never be interrupted, never expected to leave this special place.   I had the opportunity to explore different worlds, experience the lives of others by walking in their shoes, being transported every day to another place…  ..

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Where is the True Ewe Book Launch

Official Launch Speech by special guest, Mrs Mary Wagner:
Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen.
First of all, thank you to Emma and Mary-Kate for asking me to launch this book. I am so honoured to be able to do this.
As you are aware this apparently whimsical book is about motherhood. I was chosen to officiate today because I am a mother. Indeed motherhood has been the driving force of my life for the past 58 years. I am not only a mother to 8 children, but also a grandmother to 30, a great grandmother to 4 and a mother-in-law. Motherhood’s tentacles have pulled in a new and diverse direction and introduced me to so many different people. You just never know who these children and grandchildren are going to bring home and what knowledge will be imparted. It’s a complete education and one that I am so blessed to have received. ..

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