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Does your wish list have 'I want to write a book' on it? 

Above is a double spread from Mairead's book 'Noah'.  As an illustrator / author, she is well and truly emerging in her career, as this is her second book and she is 10!  We really do think the process of creating a children's picture book is entirely possible.  Not for a second are we even suggesting it is easy.  No way!  It is time consuming, demanding and yet, totally do-able.  You just need to stay focused for a little longer than you do for normal things.

For the last ten years, we have been guiding children through the process of creating a children's picture book and we know the methodology is applicable to adults.  Yes, adults have also guided 'their inner child' through the process with great success.  Regardless of the path you take, correspondence, school based or classes in the community, Child Writes can help you achieve the dream of creating your own picture book... 

Child Writes Books Sold...
Reviews Just in...

My mother ALWAYS told me not to talk about money - but I can't help it!  I have just written out a cheque for Katie Chicalas.  A hardcopy of her book was ordered print on demand and went out west!  All Child Writes authors receive 100% profit on their sales.  

It is so easy to get carried away with your own book, yet, when others are gracious and kind enough to review it for you, sharing frank and honest feedback, it is worth listening.  The support this industry shows never ceases to amaze me..  

Silverton Primary
Book Week OLSCC
Win a book!

In Victoria, at Silverton Primary, the Child Writes students, being lead by their amazing teacher, Bianca Thaens, have just had their first day with paint! It is a reward of sorts for working so hard on their stories!

Book Week 2014 and I was guest judge for the book week parade at Our Lady of Southern Cross College in Dalby.  Then I spoke to three Prep classes and then three Year One classes, where they all had a sneak peak at Imagine!

We have a gorgeous colouring-in competition for the little ones in your world! Please email me directly for an entry form.  The prize is an advance copy of Imagine, due for release Feb 2015!

Know an aspiring writer or illustrator? 
The Child Writes Annual Writing and Illustrating competition is open for aspiring primary-school aged writers and illustrators and closes Sunday 16th November, 2014.  The winner of each section will contribute to one finished picture book which will be published by Boogie Books and distributed print on demand through or eBook through Amazon.    
Child Writes - in a nutshell! 
As a guest, I attended the Brendan Burchard's Expert Academy in Sydney last month.  Incredible opportunity to meet the most eclectic group of passionate educators, from the most diverse range of fields imaginable!  I described what I do as this...

"I help children create stronger communities, 
ensuring their voices are heard, 
by providing platforms for their story telling."

What do you think? 

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