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Looking for something constructive to do these holidays?
Teachers... Parents... Carers... You know how painful that experience of trying to extract a story out of a reticent student can be... Most of the time, I get to work with children who are passionate writers, desperately keen drawers, but every now and then, in workshops, I have children who would rather be outside, pulling out their own eyes, be ANYWHERE but at the desk in front of me!  Getting these children to write and to draw is really a challenge. I would love to share some great tips if you want to get over 'page fright' and happily embracing words!  Please email me and add 'How To Create a Writer!' in the subject line. 

Even two weeks of school holidays can prove to be interminable for some creative types! We have a challenging way to spend a little (or a lot!) of time these holidays - what about suggesting to those budding writers and passionate drawers around you to enter the second Child Writes Competition.  For the lucky winners, they will be mentored through the process of creating their own picture book.  We are so excited you will be seeing some preview pages from last years winner - a sneak peek in only a couple of weeks, as well as some other fabulous titles that we couldn't help getting involved in, just to make sure they reached publication! 

Books sales ...
What's coming up ...
We are happily still processing orders that flow through... this month, authors George Killen and Mairead Webb can expect commission cheques.  Love that the customers are super happy to wait for their beautiful books as they are printed on demand!  Of course, I encourage you to think CHILD WRITES when you are next book shopping...  

Child Writes en toure!  So excited to be invited to do a volunteer workshop with the Sydney Story Factory, Thursday 2nd October.  It will have been a year since our last visit!  This time - "Lost the Plot?" exploring the seven plots we can use to create universally embraced stories!  SSF is a not-for-profit creative writing centre for young people, located in Redfern, Sydney.  

The Poddy Calf
Can you bear it!
Thank you thank you


So delighted to update Charlotte De Laine is finishing the illustrations for 'The Poddy Calf', written by last years winner of the writing section, Kate McCullough.  

I have a bucket list of challenges and one thing I have a real 'avoidance' of is videos!  So what better way to deal with it than throw myself in front of the camera... 

Tutor Jodie Rigby has managed three schools and another batch of authors.  To say 'thank you' only just begins to express how thrilled we are with what she has supported the children to create...  


Happy days... Finalist in Condamine Awards

From the powers that be in regards to the Condamine Awards... "Congratulations! – You have been selected as a Finalist in the 2014 Condamine Awards in the ‘Cultural Heritage’ category.  The judges met this week and were impressed by your contribution to promoting cultural heritage through your involvement in the book, Finnley’s Great Escape.  As a 2014 Condamine Awards Finalist, you are among a special group of individuals and organisations who have made a worthy contribution to improve, protect or promote natural resource management in the Condamine catchment." 

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