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"As the ghouls howl, I can hear the jingle of Christmas bells in the distance - WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE!" Emma Mactaggart, 31 October 2013
It is the last day in October, Halloween, the stores are awash with red and green AND I was asked today how my Christmas shopping was coming along!  Where did the year go?  I have to admit to loving and loathing this time of year - loving it because Christmas is such a magical time and loathing it because my '2013 TO-DO' list still looks formidable!  It certainly is the list I think of as the year draws to a fast, hurtling close!  In-house, we certainly ask: Have we done everything we set out to do? Have we finished projects?  Are we proud of what we have achieved? 

Well, a great story from Child Writes is another 12 children have just (today!) finished their books. We refer to them as the newest members of the 100 CLUB, because that is how many hours we estimate they have poured into creating, writing and illustrating their own picture book.  (Above is a sneak-peek at one of this years fabulous books - you will of course have to look in the bookstore! Oh, ignore the centre line, it is just the result of a screen shot!)

So congratulations, jubilations Mairead, Rachel, Andy, James, Lachlan, Harvey, Ella, Piper, Sophie, Georgina, Zivai and George. These children have been guided through the process of creating a children's picture book by our newest recruit, tutor Jodie Rigby.  Well done everyone, including all of the fabulous parents who also joined as 'associates' of the 100 CLUB :) 

As for Christmas - we think we have some fabulously creatively original and gorgeous gifts for you to consider, so have a look at our 'greatest gifts' below.  

In the meantime, there is still some super-duper exciting news for Child Writes which I will share in the very near future... ooooo.... (Are you excited!) 

Plus, as always, our ongoing THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU goes to Jetstar for their incredible support.  The Child Writes books are still 'flying' as part of the inflight entertainment offering, and we really can't quite believe our luck working with such passionate literacy advocates. 

Competition Anyone!
START and Child Writes

It is too exciting for words (a funny thing to admit if you are a writer!) BUT the entries are really rolling in now from primary school aged writers and illustrators from ALL AROUND AUSTRALIA.  Do you have a budding author at your home?  Someone who loves drawing?  This competition just might suit them...

We just got invited to show!  Yippee!  Two Child Writes graduates, Lissy and Bella, are both involved in this fabulous artist run space.  It is for Year 11&12 students.  We are now looking for other graduates of CW who are still practising art or writing or illustrating for an exhibition next year!  . 
Get in touch asap if interested..  

Great Present Idea #1
Great Present Idea #2 
Great Present Idea #3

My mum reckons she is pretty 'on trend' with one of these!  A Child Writes USB loaded with three stories of your choice and one from us by way of saying 'Merry Christmas!'  These are the ultimate stocking filler and fun to organise...

Okay - so this is a big ticket item to go under the Christmas tree, but possibly the best gift 'ever' for a keen writer to help them turn a dream into a reality - to write and illustrate their own picture book!

From animals to friendship, fantasy to fitting in, we can nearly truly guarantee there is a book in there for everyone.  Browse the bookstore for that perfect title, printed just for you or PDF eBook - at only $4.95 it's a gift worth giving!

Slow Down Sarah...
Editor of the award winning book Child Writes: Creating a Children's Picture Book is Child's Play , Ainsley Shepherd has been very busy this year and is soon to release her own fabulous book, Slow Down Sarah.  
Slow Down Sarah is an exhilarating ride through country Australia with all the energy and verve you would expect from such a crackingly fabulous character!  The energetic rhyming text is a pleasure to read aloud and I dare you not to 'take off' yourself as you delve into this delightful story.

Imagine it ...
'Imagine it' is a two hour workshop focussing on a tool box of activities which help you discover all the ideas you need for a picture book - and you will be so pleased to discover they were there all along, you just needed to find them!  Perfect for school groups of any age.  

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