Why your donor dollars matter…

For ten years, we have been able to work with over 350 children – and this has been funded on a piecemeal basis; from within the school; business donors; Boogie Books profits being utilised to run the program. It has worked! Each of these children have created their own title, their own children’s picture book and it gives them the megaphone we believe they deserve.

Its just that because we know the program works – we want every child in Australia to have the opportunity to engage with the program, maybe not in its entirety, but the following are our goals:

  • Child Writes is offered where ever children are in crisis. This may mean their local community is overwhelmed (like Eidsvold, which, when we took the program there, had the unenviable tag of being the location for one of the highest suicide rates amongst its young adult males in the country or Silverton Primary, where the school’s driving ethos is ‘a postcode shall not define your future’ as it is located in one of the lowest socio-economic postcodes in the country)
  • Child Writes promotes reading. Every child has the right to food, shelter, education and love – and we want to add to this list – the right to be read to!
  • Child Writes contributes to the reading library where ever children are in crisis. We want the Child Writes titles to be available to chidlren in oncology wards, in foster care, in children’s wards all around the country. We know children treat authors with a great deal of reverence and we believe in empowering children with the adage ‘if they can, I can too!’.
  • The Child Writes Foundation is supporting International Read to Me Day, March 19th, empowering children to demand to be read to. It is a social awareness campaign, reiterating the importance of reading to our children, and our children sharing this skill with their peers. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a child to inspire a village. Listening to that one voice, asking to be read to, can shift our priorities.

We will do this, as we ensure Boogie Books creates an income to fund this and the Child Writes Foundation persists with its application for tax deductible status – but we can do it a whole lot quicker with your support! This is why your donor dollar makes a difference. 

There is no time to waste!


You'll be amazed when you discover what children can do!